FSH Welding Canada: a range of products and services for all your welding, cutting and brazing needs

Every day, dozens of companies like yours are confronted with all kinds of problems concerning production, maintenance and repair. That's why FSH Welding Canada has solutions and products for every situation, even the most complex.

Whatever your field of operation, whatever your problem, FSH Welding Canada will be able to advise you precisely so that you can act quickly, with the best products and results! Every day, hundreds of satisfied customers use the products of the prestigious Soudotec and Selectarc brands for all kinds of applications, even the most complex.

Through the Group's two manufacturing facilities, FSH Welding Canada has access to several hundred filler metals of all grades to meet the most diverse welding and brazing needs and requirements. The worldwide objective of our manufacturing group is to unify in each country all our activities to seek synergies of service and to make benefit to all our partners from our active developments of new products and applications for all welding and brazing activities.

With a solid reputation, FSH Welding Canada offers the most renowned technical support and service for emergencies. Whatever your problems or questions, FSH Welding Canada offers you all the technical support you need, in person, by phone or by e-mail.

Our priority is to maintain a large inventory to meet the pressing and diverse needs of our customers. FSH Welding Canada also ensures that all orders are processed quickly and efficiently.

FSH Welding Canada also offers practical and theoretical in-house training adapted to your needs in maintenance and repair by welding or brazing.

We provide you with our Specialized Welding and Brazing Products and Technology Guide to help you make the best choices of welding and brazing filler materials and use the proper application techniques for your specific applications. This guide is a valuable reference tool that you can rely on at all times.

Also, other tools have been specially developed to help you in the choice and use of our products:

  • Essentials for Specialized Welding and Brazing
  • Soudotec and Selectarc Products Wall Chart